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‘Kiss me Hardy’

 During the battle of Trafalgar off of the Spanish Coast, Lord Horatio Nelson took a musket wound just below his epaulette, a blow that mercilessly severed a major artery in his chest an injury that he described as ‘breaking his back’.

 In his last hours he was attended by up to forty people in his cabin, among them the HMS Victory Surgeon, A Chaplain, Purser, and his loyal friend and patriot Captain Hardy. In his final moments, he was eloquent and full of gratitude. Thinking of his lover Lady Emma Hamilton and her child, he asked for Hardy to ‘Take care’ of them before reflecting on his final battle, where he said, ‘Thank God I have done my duty’.

 Finally, in his last breaths he said ‘Kiss me Hardy’ and kissed Captain Hardy twice upon the cheek before saying ‘Now I am satisfied’. It was in the Victoria era that scholars debated that Lord Nelson was actually heard to say ‘Kismet Hardy’ Kismet being the Persian word for Fate- Whatever it was or was not said on that fateful day on the 21st October 1805, it is a romantic notion to ponder that even in his last moments, fate and friendship were paramount to Nelson.

 It is with this in mind, we have created our very own nod to Lord Nelson ‘Kismet’. A sister bar to Cod & Lobster Brasserie, specialising in all things aged in barrels, where you too can enjoy fate, friendship and masterful drinks.

151 Hardy Street, Nelson, New Zealand | Open Wednesday - Sunday 4 pm - Late Enough


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Reservations recommended for larger parties and tailor made packages are available for those who would like to make their event that bit more special.

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We have a great collection of Scotch as well as international Whisky at Kismet, here are a few of our listings for you to peruse. We also list a couple of dozen gins, which are always on rotation, so something new and exciting every week.

We also list some quite exciting bourbons, including the Pappy Van Winkle Antique range,


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